Sunday, 19 June 2011

Okay- I am just seeing if this works, as I am new to google blogging! I have really enjoyed reading people's posts. I cant stop thinking about this Project, what it would mean and how exciting it would be to see something become reality. I keep thinking 'could this actually happen??' and then remind myself 'why, not, if people are on board and care enough about it then it can'. I am meeting the other family next week, where I will bring up this concept with them. Best to do it face to face then over the phone I think.

Martin- I know we don't know each other very well (yet), but am loving the idea of building our own space. Whenever Jon and I watch Grand Designs- we think 'if only', but if a group of us was doing it together it suddenly becomes more affordable and makes sense. When people are committed to exploring the idea maybe we could visit a community (as i have chatted about with tim and kate) and perhaps someone who built their own 'grand design' to gain an understanding of the processes involved.

thanks, miche x

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  1. Hi Miche,

    glad you're digging the self-build idea. I've noticed on Grand Designs that one of the biggest stresses is that one half of the couple is trying to manage the project, whilst the other is trying to hold down a job to pay for it all, or look after the kids, or both!! I like to think that if there were enough of us involved then it would be far easier to meet these pressures.

    I'm definitely up for doing some research and visits. Something that i have noticed from reading the journeys that other communities have taken, is that even though it seemed to take a long time to go from idea to reality, they ensured that they met together regularly. We're certainly not at the planning stage yet, but we're definitely at the getting-to-know-you stage. Therefore, once we have a core group of those that might be interested in this, i think we should all go camping for the weekend. There's nothing like sitting round a camp fire with a few beers to explore what we all might want from this.