Thursday, 30 June 2011

Negotiables and non negotiables.

Hi there

Sorry I have been quiet for a while- been super busy!

I haven't spoke to my friends yet about it, as they couldn't meet the other night due to work issues.

I think it is a very interesting point you raise Martin about negotiables and non negotiables- this is a conversation i think that would have to be had if we all met.

One thing I feel quite strongly about is the location. I am really keen to locate somewhere in west sussex- Brighton, worting way-ish, as Jon's family is here and it is really important to us- for reasons I will explain at a later date. This is not intended to sound selfish, but I guess its important for people to air their honest preferences. This may not be a place other people want to look at....but I have to put it out there.

I also like the idea of having individual living spaces, but with shared grounds and maybe a spare large living room that we can all hang out/eat together in when we want to. In terms of building our own, converting old farm land buildings- I don't mind, as long as we are all in agreement and happy with the process. I would be interested in what other people think about how we would build/share the living space?

Thanks, Miche x x


  1. I think that because this will be such a big commitment, its only right that people are completely honest about what they want and don't want from this.

    In theory Brighton now has a council (and planning department) that should be more sympathetic to what we might want to do......

  2. In terms of location, I'm pretty easy going. I've lived all over the place and would struggle to identify somewhere as 'home'. I grew up by the sea, so nearer to the coast is always going to be an attractive prospect. And if we were talking Brighton or Worthing, I wouldn't be disappointed - It would mean that I'd get to see my family a bit more too.