Friday, 17 June 2011

Internet scouring

This is me having a nose around the internet. Its potentially an exiting prospect, but I know its just getting an idea at the moment. I have also been looking at the internet site posted by Martin, thanks Martin, it seems like this is not an uncommon thing to do and on the diggers and dreamers site they are actively looking for people to join their 'projects'. Should we just join one that already exists then?? I personally like the idea of making our own, but what do other people think?

ps. What do you think about the houses above??

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  1. I think it was Henry David Thoreau who said 'he loves community kills community, but he who loves people builds community'. My fear about joining an existing community would be that the community is more important than the people in it. Also, there would be a whole value system that you would need to align yourself with, so finding a community that you share values with would be key. I think if you are on your own or just one family, then a ready made community is probably the way forward. But if you have potentially 4 groups of people who share similar values and want to live in community, then the obvious solution is to start a new community.