Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 3 in the forever house

So we are 3 days in. 3 days in and 2 followers already! This is exciting as we have 'evangelised' and got another person on board. The group is growing and this means that it's a real possibility.

It's my hope that as the group grows, the momentum will be kept going by everyone involved, that means it might actually happen.

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  1. I'm loving this idea. It is something that has been resonating with me for a couple of years now - well probably longer than that actually. Any time that i have been on a holiday or other situation where a group of friends have spent some time living together i have always found it really difficult to go back to 'normal' life. I don't think that this is just the romance of the holiday. I think that i was made for community living.

    There is a website that i began looking at about 6 months ago that is all about community living. Lots of advice and links to people who have already done it -

    Shared lives, shared experiences, shared burdens, shared responsibility, shared dreams