Friday, 30 September 2011

Tropical temperatures

I heard on the radio that this weekend is supposed to be hotter than Hawaii, that's nice, the only problem for me is that our house, and now the garden, is like a cave. It may be gorgeous out there everywhere else in the country, but in my little empire it's dark, cold and pretty miserable. Thats not really true but it illustrates my need for light, the potential for sun and nice outside space. One reason for the lack of sun in our garden is the giant birch tree in our neighbours garden. It's a lovely tree but it's makes our garden a sun free zone, so for me our forever house needs lots of light, the garden needs not to be overshadowed by anything and I need to be a neighbour that does not impact on other peoples space.

That's it


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Friday, 26 August 2011

What no towel??

Today I'm in a spa. I have forgotten my towel and they don't give them out. I'm not going to pay any silly prices for a towel I won't want after today so I am sitting in the cafe waiting for Tim to have his massage(!!) so we can go! Why are you telling us this you ask, well, says I, it's a bit of a tenuous link but I want my forever house to be really welcoming. I don't want our visitors to be sat in the cafe with no towel, metaphorically speaking obviously. I like to be a good hostess and I would want this to be a fundamental part of where we eventually live.

That's it really. Thanks for reading my ramblings


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Monday, 1 August 2011

Blog momentum

I was thinking about our blog and the lack of activity for a whole month, I thought this was a bad thing and that people must have got bored and the momentum had run out already. What I have now come to think is that it's ok. If the forever house is ever going to happen or work well people need to have been considering it for a while, but it does not need to be top of their 'things to do right now list'. So the blog has not failed, far from it, it's a space where people can come back to, add to even, when something occurs to them or they realise something important that they want or need in 'their' forever house. So there you go, that's something that occurred to me.


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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mortgages and co-op's

I hope people aren't feeling overloaded by my blogging. I guess i must have more time on my hands than most.

Anyway, I have come across an organisation called The Ecology Building Society. They lend money for eco-building projects, housing co-operatives, and such like. Here's a link to their mortgage leaflet for housing co-operatives - clicky!

Another site worth looking at is Radical Routes. It is a network of housing co-operatives. There's loads of info on here about how set-up a co-operative. Legal structures, etc..

Negotiables and non negotiables.

Hi there

Sorry I have been quiet for a while- been super busy!

I haven't spoke to my friends yet about it, as they couldn't meet the other night due to work issues.

I think it is a very interesting point you raise Martin about negotiables and non negotiables- this is a conversation i think that would have to be had if we all met.

One thing I feel quite strongly about is the location. I am really keen to locate somewhere in west sussex- Brighton, worting way-ish, as Jon's family is here and it is really important to us- for reasons I will explain at a later date. This is not intended to sound selfish, but I guess its important for people to air their honest preferences. This may not be a place other people want to look at....but I have to put it out there.

I also like the idea of having individual living spaces, but with shared grounds and maybe a spare large living room that we can all hang out/eat together in when we want to. In terms of building our own, converting old farm land buildings- I don't mind, as long as we are all in agreement and happy with the process. I would be interested in what other people think about how we would build/share the living space?

Thanks, Miche x x

Low Impact Dwellings

Hi everyone, I thought i would write a post about low impact dwellings. I have been doing a lot of reading about these recently, particularly because they appear to be one of the only ways to legitimately build on land that doesn't already have planning permission. If no body has seen the Lammas Community then you really should check them out. It might be a bit too hippy for some, but its a really good example of a low impact dwelling. I think the criteria is that is must be 'eco' and kind of temporary, and you must prove that you are living off of the land. Pembrokeshire in Wales have become quite sympathetic to these kind of projects, but recent legislation means that in theory other councils should begin to follow suit. Some of you may have seen Ben Law on Grand Designs? He was the one who made his living from copicing and making charcoal in the woods. Because he had to be in the woods for so much of his time, he was allowed to build a low impact dwelling. One of the stipulations was that if he ever stopped doing that as a job, then he had to demolish his house.

Another low impact dwelling worth looking at is this one.

I think that personally these examples might be slightly too 'rustic' for me, but i find the whole concept really inspiring and proof that anything is possible.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I saw this.......

I saw this property in Headcorn, which is about 10 miles south of Maidstone. Its a 5 bedroom farm house, but it comes with quite a few derelict farm buildings and 20 acres of land. It also comes with 2 sitting tenants in the way of static caravans on the site which each bring in £4K a year in rent.

The other one that i saw was this. This one is in Detling, has 7 bedrooms, 5 cellar rooms, 2 loft rooms, plus a whole host of reception rooms. It also has, for an extra cost, some land that has planning permission for a number of large houses - see here.

I think i still prefer the idea of building from scratch, but in terms of getting planning permission, i think an old farm with lots of old farm buildings might be an easier option. I think that the farm in Headcorn could have this. It clearly already has a precedent for camping, and i think it comes with a river. Ticks all the boxes??? Well, it ticks my boxes, but then i've probably got a whole load of different boxes to everyone else. What we probably all need to do is to each write a wish list. It should include 'negotiables' and non-negotiables'