Thursday, 30 June 2011

Low Impact Dwellings

Hi everyone, I thought i would write a post about low impact dwellings. I have been doing a lot of reading about these recently, particularly because they appear to be one of the only ways to legitimately build on land that doesn't already have planning permission. If no body has seen the Lammas Community then you really should check them out. It might be a bit too hippy for some, but its a really good example of a low impact dwelling. I think the criteria is that is must be 'eco' and kind of temporary, and you must prove that you are living off of the land. Pembrokeshire in Wales have become quite sympathetic to these kind of projects, but recent legislation means that in theory other councils should begin to follow suit. Some of you may have seen Ben Law on Grand Designs? He was the one who made his living from copicing and making charcoal in the woods. Because he had to be in the woods for so much of his time, he was allowed to build a low impact dwelling. One of the stipulations was that if he ever stopped doing that as a job, then he had to demolish his house.

Another low impact dwelling worth looking at is this one.

I think that personally these examples might be slightly too 'rustic' for me, but i find the whole concept really inspiring and proof that anything is possible.

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