Monday, 1 August 2011

Blog momentum

I was thinking about our blog and the lack of activity for a whole month, I thought this was a bad thing and that people must have got bored and the momentum had run out already. What I have now come to think is that it's ok. If the forever house is ever going to happen or work well people need to have been considering it for a while, but it does not need to be top of their 'things to do right now list'. So the blog has not failed, far from it, it's a space where people can come back to, add to even, when something occurs to them or they realise something important that they want or need in 'their' forever house. So there you go, that's something that occurred to me.


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  1. Don't be discouraged I think it's a brilliant idea!

    I saw this program years ago about a community of families who built their own house.
    Each family had there own bedrooms, bathrooms and little kitchens but they all had a joint giant, hall sized, communal area/living/dinner room which itself had sections for chilling out and chatting and watching TV and of course a communal garden.
    I've always been inspired by that as an ideal. Good for when you want company and when you want time to yourself.
    Good luck with the project, it's a good one :)